Yankees, the most valuable franchise in MLB, don’t provide in-flight Wi-Fi for players on team plane

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The New York Yankees are the most valuable franchise in Major League Baseball, with an estimated value of $5 billion, according to Forbes. Yet, shocking as it may seem, the organization does not provide in-flight Wi-Fi for its players on the team plane.

In this modern era, technology has become a vital part of our day to day lives. It is incomprehensible to imagine a business or organization not providing Wi-Fi access to its employees, especially when it is the most valuable team in its sport. The Yankees are one of the richest sports franchises in the world, and their reluctance to provide Wi-Fi to their players is bizarre and quite frankly, unacceptable.

Why is this even an issue? Well, for starters, MLB players spend a significant portion of their time traveling. Games are played all across the country, meaning players have to fly for hours on end. During this time, players need to catch up on emails, stay connected with their families, and make important calls. Having no access to the Internet can cause inconvenience and delays in completing essential tasks, thereby affecting mental wellbeing.

Furthermore, players want to use their down-time effectively. Some use the time to watch films, work on their gaming skills, or even extend their knowledge through online courses. Wi-Fi access can facilitate players to maximize their recreation and utilize their time effectively.

The Yankees said that they haven’t installed Wi-Fi on the team’s private plane due to “security concerns.” However, other MLB teams with similar resources have managed to provide in-flight Wi-Fi access to their players without compromising security. The Los Angeles Dodgers, Boston Red Sox, and Texas Rangers are some of the few teams that offer Wi-Fi to their players on their team plane.

In conclusion, the Yankees’ refusal to provide Wi-Fi internet access to their players is puzzling. Given that they’re the richest and most valuable team in baseball, the organization should invest in modern amenities to facilitate player convenience, productivity, and mental well-being. It is time for the Yankees to recognize the importance of in-flight Wi-Fi access for their players and make the necessary changes to ensure that they are provided.

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