WATCH: Maple Leafs fans finish US national anthem after microphone malfunctions

WATCH Maple Leafs fans finish US national anthem after microphone

The national anthem is always an emotional moment ahead of any sporting event, and that was no exception at the Toronto Maple Leafs vs Nashville Predators game on November 19th, 2019. However, things didn’t go exactly to plan when the microphone failed mid-way through the performance.

The moment of silence following the malfunction could have been awkward, with just under twenty thousand people in attendance and millions watching on TV. But the passionate crowd at the Scotiabank Arena came to the rescue, taking up the mantle and singing The Star-Spangled Banner themselves.

The anthem singer took to the ice and sang the first few lines of the US national anthem effortlessly. However, when the microphone failed the singer held the clutch of the mic and continued singing into it. Nobody could hear the words, but they could tell that the singer was still belting it out.

Then, something amazing happened, the audience of Leafs Nation started singing the anthem themselves to support the singer. The crowd didn’t care that the sound wasn’t coming out of the speakers, they just wanted to show their respect for the anthem, the singer, and the visiting team which, in this case, was Nashville.

The game went on as scheduled after the anthem, but the incredible moment of sportsmanship, camaraderie, and respect from Leaf fans will never be forgotten.

This incident speaks volumes about the fervor of the Canadian sports-loving culture; the passion for competition and the respect for their rivals. Leafs Nation, it’s worth mentioning, showed that sportsmanship is about much more than winning and losing.

In a country where ice hockey has grown to become almost part of the national identity, national anthems are moments of pride, nostalgia and respect. It’s great to see crowds like the one at the Scotiabank Arena paying respect to it in whatever way they can.

Whether it’s a malfunctioning microphone or some other unforeseen circumstance, these moments remind us that passion can be found in the most unexpected places, whether it’s for a team, a sport, or a national anthem.

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