Warriors’ Jordan Poole called for bizarre technical foul as slumping shooter has another tough night

Warriors Jordan Poole called for bizarre technical foul as slumping

The Golden State Warriors’ Jordan Poole had a tough night on the court on Wednesday, and it ended with a bizarre technical foul.

Poole, who has struggled with his shooting in recent games, went 2-for-10 from the field against the Washington Wizards. With just over a minute left in the game, he missed a three-pointer and then grabbed the ball and threw it towards the rim in frustration.

The ball hit off the backboard and bounced back towards Poole, who caught it and then dropped it on the court. The referee immediately blew the whistle and called a technical foul on Poole for delaying the game.

It was a strange call, as Poole didn’t appear to be intentionally delaying the game. He was simply frustrated with his performance and reacted instinctively.

The technical foul was just the latest frustration for Poole, who has struggled with his shooting over the past few weeks. In his last nine games, he’s shooting just 29.3 percent from the field and 24.3 percent from three-point range.

Despite his shooting struggles, Poole has continued to play significant minutes for the Warriors. With Klay Thompson still out due to injury, the team needs him to step up and contribute on offense.

Poole has shown flashes of promise throughout the season, but he hasn’t been able to consistently knock down shots. His frustration boiled over on Wednesday, resulting in the bizarre technical foul.

It’s unclear if Poole will face any further discipline for the incident, but he’ll need to find a way to shake off his shooting struggles and get back on track if he wants to help the Warriors make a deep playoff run. The team will need him to be a reliable scoring option off the bench, especially in the absence of Thompson.

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