Stephen Silas out as Rockets coach after Houston declines to pick up his fourth-year option, per report

Stephen Silas out as Rockets coach after Houston declines to

Stephen Silas, who served as head coach of the Houston Rockets over the past season, will not be returning to the team next year as Houston declined their option to pick up his fourth year, according to a recent report.

Silas was appointed by the Houston Rockets on October 30, 2020, and led his team through a challenging season. The Rockets finished the 2020-2021 NBA campaign with a record of 17-55, the worst in the league.

Silas became the team’s first Black head coach in the franchise’s 53-year history. This hiring was met with a warm welcome from both fans and other members of the Rockets organization. Silas discussed his hiring, stating that he relished the opportunity to step up and take the reins.

Unfortunately, Silas’ time in charge of the Rockets was not particularly successful. The Rockets battled injuries to key players, inconsistent play, players who wanted to be traded, and much more during their 2021 season. Silas was given a team that had undergone extensive turnover, and he had to piece it together, which was no easy task.

Despite the Rockets’ disappointing performance, many fans still appreciated Silas’ time with the team. During a particularly challenging year, he was gracious and diplomatic, and he frequently mentioned how much he cherished his players and his job.

The decision not to exercise Silas’ fourth-year option wasn’t necessarily unexpected. The Rockets are in the middle of a serious rebuild, and Silas has a significant amount of work ahead of him if the team is to get back to the playoffs. The Rockets need someone with experience and success to drive them to the top of the league.

Silas’ departure from the Rockets is disappointing for fans, particularly because he was the team’s first Black head coach. However, fans must understand that the Rockets’ management did what they thought was best for the team.

Silas will have many future opportunities to coach in the NBA, and many fans will be rooting for him to achieve the success he deserves. Although his time with the Rockets wasn’t ideal, it’s clear that he put his heart and soul into every game, and he will be remembered fondly by the team’s fans.

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