Rob Manfred ‘sorry’ for A’s fans, but says ‘attendance has never been outstanding’ in defense of possible move

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Rob Manfred, the Commissioner of Major League Baseball, recently caused a stir among Oakland A’s fans when he suggested that the team may need to consider relocating due to poor attendance. Manfred soon backtracked on his comments and apologized to the A’s fanbase, but he also defended his statement by pointing out that the team has never been a big draw at the box office.

In an interview with the San Francisco Chronicle, Manfred acknowledged that the A’s have a loyal and passionate fanbase, and he expressed regret for any frustration his comments may have caused. However, he also argued that the team has struggled to attract fans consistently over the years, and that this has put them at a disadvantage compared to teams with larger and more reliable revenue streams.

“Let me take this opportunity to say I’m sorry,” Manfred said. “I understand the frustration that A’s fans might have felt. They’re an important part of our fanbase. They’re an important part of our history. But it is true that attendance has never been outstanding in Oakland, and that has been a challenge for the organization.”

Manfred’s comments touched a nerve with many A’s fans, who saw them as a dismissive and disrespectful way to talk about a team that has faced numerous obstacles and setbacks over the years. The A’s have been playing at the Oakland Coliseum since 1968, and the stadium has long been criticized for its outdated facilities and poor location. Despite these challenges, the A’s have managed to field competitive teams and build a loyal following of fans who appreciate their scrappy, low-budget approach to team building.

For some A’s fans, Manfred’s comments were seen as a sign that the MLB is not interested in investing in smaller markets and resents the team for not being more profitable. However, others acknowledged that attendance has been an ongoing issue for the A’s and that the team needs to find a way to increase revenue if they want to stay in Oakland long-term.

Manfred also clarified that he has not yet decided whether the A’s should relocate or stay in Oakland, and that the decision will ultimately be up to the team’s ownership group. He noted that the MLB has been working with the A’s to explore all options for a new stadium, but that the process is complex and requires input from local government and community leaders.

“We’ve been working with the A’s for a long time on trying to get a new stadium built,” Manfred said. “We continue to be fully supportive of those efforts. Ultimately, it’s a decision for the A’s to make, but we want them to remain in Oakland if at all possible.”

Overall, Manfred’s comments underscored the challenges facing smaller-market teams like the A’s, who must compete against richer and more popular teams in larger cities. While some fans may be frustrated by the MLB’s emphasis on profitability and market size, it’s clear that these factors will continue to play a major role in shaping the league’s future. Whether or not the A’s ultimately decide to relocate, their loyal fans will continue to support them, and their scrappy underdog spirit will continue to inspire others around the league.

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