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NIT bracket 2023 tournament schedule, dates, times: No. 1 seed Clemson upset by Morehead State

NIT bracket 2023 tournament schedule dates times No 1 seed

The 2023 National Invitation Tournament (NIT) schedule, dates, and times were announced, and it promised to be an exciting tournament for basketball enthusiasts. The tournament bracket was set up, and it appeared to be an interesting one to watch. The teams were selected based on their performances in the regular season and conference tournaments, and there were some surprises and upsets.

The NIT 2023 tournament began on March 14, 2023, and will end on April 1, 2023. The games were held at various venues across the country, including some of the most renowned basketball arenas. The teams were divided into four brackets, and the top four seeds in each bracket received a bye in the first round.

The first round of the tournament was held on March 14 and March 15, 2023. There were some exciting games, and a few upsets were witnessed. However, the biggest upset of the tournament so far happened in the second round when the No. 1 seed Clemson was upset by Morehead State. Morehead State, the No. 8 seed in the same bracket as Clemson, defeated the top seed by a score of 74-69 in a thrilling game.

The upset was an unexpected one, given that Clemson had a stellar regular season and was widely considered a contender for the NIT championship. However, Morehead State came into the game with a determined mindset, and their players gave a remarkable performance. Morehead State held the lead for the majority of the game, and despite Clemson’s late-game surge, they managed to hold on to their lead.

The upset victory by Morehead State was celebrated by both the players and the fans. The win marked a significant achievement for the team, and they advanced to the quarterfinals of the tournament. Morehead State’s next game will be a tough test as they face off against the No. 4 seed Arizona in the quarterfinals.

As for the rest of the NIT bracket, there were some exciting matchups in the second round as well. The No. 2 seed Texas defeated No. 7 seed St. Louis in a nail-biting finish, while the No. 3 seed UConn defeated No. 6 seed VCU. The No. 5 seed West Virginia upset the No. 4 seed Oregon in their matchup.

The NIT tournament has always provided a platform for teams to showcase their skills and prove their worth. The 2023 edition of the tournament has already lived up to its expectations with some thrilling games and surprising upsets. As the tournament progresses, fans can expect more drama and excitement as the remaining teams battle it out for the coveted NIT championship.

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