Damian Lillard laments current state of basketball discourse: ‘I don’t enjoy what the NBA is becoming’

Damian Lillard laments current state of basketball discourse I dont

As one of the NBA’s most talented point guards, Damian Lillard has seen his fair share of changes in the sport over the years. But lately, the Portland Trail Blazers’ All-Star player has been speaking out against the current state of basketball discourse – and his words are not flattering.

In a recent interview with Chris Haynes of Yahoo Sports, Lillard expressed his concerns about the direction of the NBA, saying, “I don’t enjoy what the NBA is becoming.” He cited a number of factors that have contributed to this, including the rise of analytics, the emphasis on three-point shooting, and the way players are marketed rather than celebrated for their skills on the court.

While Lillard is not the first athlete to lament the current state of the sport, his comments do carry significant weight. As one of the most respected players in the league, he is in a unique position to offer insight into the issues that are facing the NBA today.

One of the main concerns that Lillard raised was the way players are being marketed. He argued that players are often valued more for their brand than their ability to win games. “It’s not about accolades, it’s about how big your brand is,” he said. “It’s about how many followers you have on social media.”

This phenomenon is not unique to basketball, of course, but Lillard sees it as a growing problem in the NBA. Instead of focusing on the basics of the game, like shooting, defense, and passing, players are increasingly expected to be savvy marketers and social media influencers. “It’s almost like being a celebrity is more important than being a player,” he said.

Another issue for Lillard is the way analytics has taken over the sport. While he admits that the growing use of advanced statistics has its advantages, he worries that it has taken some of the creativity out of the game. “It’s not about basketball anymore, it’s about numbers,” he said. “It takes the art out of it.”

Similarly, Lillard has criticized the growing emphasis on three-point shooting, arguing that it has made the sport less physical and less interesting to watch. “A lot of the game is lost when it’s just three-point shots and space,” he said. “It’s not basketball.”

Despite his concerns, Lillard remains one of the NBA’s brightest stars. With his skills on the court and his thoughtful analysis of the sport, he is a strong voice for change in a league that is constantly evolving. Whether or not his concerns are addressed, he is sure to remain a force to be reckoned with.

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