Atalanta ‘can compete with anybody’: Boston Celtics influence has helped Stephen Pagliuca build Serie A staple

Atalanta can compete with anybody Boston Celtics influence has helped

Atalanta, the Italian Serie A football club, has emerged as one of the most competitive teams in Europe in recent years. The team has qualified for the UEFA Champions League for the past three seasons, and they have been the dark horse of the competition. Their success has surprised many, but there is a story behind their rise to the top.

Stephen Pagliuca, the co-owner of NBA club Boston Celtics, has been a key factor in Atalanta’s success. Pagliuca, who is of Italian-American descent, has been investing in the club since 2011. He has transformed the club’s fortunes, taking them from a mid-table club to a top contender in Serie A.

Pagliuca’s influence has been significant, both on and off the pitch. He has brought in a new management team, headed by CEO Luca Percassi and Sporting Director Giovanni Sartori. Together, they have assembled a talented squad, which has played an attractive brand of football.

Atalanta’s success is not only down to good personnel decisions, but also the team’s unique tactical approach. The team plays a high-pressing game, with a focus on attack rather than defence. This approach has been dubbed “Atalantismo” and has been widely praised for its entertainment value.

The club’s success has also been aided by its academy system. Atalanta has a renowned youth setup, which has produced top talent such as Gianluca Mancini, Andrea Conti, and Franck Kessie. This has allowed the club to produce homegrown players, who understand the team’s style of play, and can seamlessly integrate into the first team.

Pagliuca’s experience in the NBA has also rubbed off on Atalanta. The club has adopted a data-driven approach to scouting and recruitment, which has allowed them to identify undiscovered gems in the transfer market. This has been crucial for a club like Atalanta, which does not have the financial firepower of Italy’s biggest clubs.

Atalanta’s success has not been limited to the football field. The club has become a symbol of the Bergamo region, an area in northern Italy that was hit hard by the COVID-19 pandemic. During the peak of the crisis, the club’s healthcare workers were on the frontlines, providing care to those affected. The club’s efforts were widely praised, and they were awarded the Golden Foot award for their humanitarian work.

In conclusion, Atalanta’s success is a testament to the vision of Stephen Pagliuca, who has brought a new approach to Italian football. The club’s focus on attacking football, academy system, and data-driven recruitment has allowed them to compete with bigger clubs in Europe. With Pagliuca at the helm, there is no doubt that Atalanta will continue to grow and become a force to be reckoned with in European football.

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